The first thing that I want to tell about Guandu is that this is one of those things that is passed down from generation to generation. In this crop you only have to save few seeds for the next time for plantation. Guandu has been known since the time of the Egyptians. It has almost a complete count of amino acids,  which is what makes up a complete protein. It is a highly nutritious pea. it is widely distributed in most tropical countries throughout the world especially South America.

Botanical Name: Cajanus cajan

Family Name: Fabaceae

Common Name: guandu, adhaki, ambrévade, arhar, cachito, caja, chieh tu tzu, chieh tu, chivatillo, Congo-pea

Part Used: Leaf, flower, bean/seed.

Habitat: America and Egypt

Properties of Guandu

·         Antiinflamatory

·         Antidote

·         Antibiotic

Uses of Guandu

·         Used for for coughs, fevers, blood disorders, pain, respiratory infections, inflammation, sores, ulcers

·         Used as an as an antidote, expectorant, sedative, vermifuge, vulnerary; for tumors

·         Used for for bronchitis, colds

·         Used in cases like for flu, strokes

·         Used as an astringent, diuretic, laxative, vulnerary; for dysentery

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