The common periwinkle is perennial evergreen herb that spreads with trailing branches. The elliptical leaves are and shiny dark green in colour. The periwinkle bluish-purple flower is very attractive and consists of 5 fused petals. The stems form roots at the nodes as they creep along the ground. Periwinkle is an excellent all-round astringent that maybe used internally or externally.

Botanical Name: Vinca minor

Family Name: Apocynaceae

Common Name: Periwinkle, running-myrtle, cezayirmeneksesi, common periwinkle.

Part Used: Whole Plant

Habitat: Northern Europe, the British Isles, and New England

Properties of Periwinkle

·         Antibiotic

·         Antibacterial

·         Anti-inflammatory

Uses of Periwinkle

·         Used to treat high blood sugar in diabetics.

·         Can also be poisonous if used inappropriately.

·         Used for improved oxygen and blood flow, especially in cerebral veins.

·         Used as herbal medicine because of its side effects.

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